Elmira Mangum, Ph.D.

Since beginning my tenure as president of Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University, I have set a course that is designed to make our university a “best-in-class” institution with an increased focus on science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM), and an institution that prepares our students for global competitiveness in a world that is becoming increasingly flat.  As many of you may know, FAMU was established 128 years ago under the direction of its first president, Thomas DeSaille Tucker, an African-born lawyer from Sierra Leone, with 15 students and two faculty members. Today, we educate nearly 10,000 students and employ more than 500 instructional faculty members, while offering 100 degree programs. Read More...

My vision for Florida Agricultural and Mechanical University (FAMU) is that it be a best-in-class land grant doctoral research university with a global impact.

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Gifts & Grants

John Thompson Grant

John Thompson Gift
In fall 2014, just months after she assumed leadership of the University, President Mangum initiated the High Achievers and Strong Finish Awards, funded in part by a $5-million gift from Microsoft’s chair and FAMU alumnus John W. Thompson, and his wife, Sandi.

Strong Finish
Strong Finish grant recipients are those who entered the University without talent or merit based assistance. Students must maintain a GPA of 3.0 or better and finish their degree in four years. Upon graduation, recipients receive a $1,000 check to assist in housing or relocation into the workforce.

High Achievers
The High Achiever scholarship is given to students without merit or talent-based scholarships. The award is earmarked for sophomore and junior students who are on track to complete their education and graduate in four years. Juniors must maintain a 3.0 GPA and are eligible for a $5,000 gift. Sophomores must maintain at least a 2.75 GPA and are eligible for awards ranging from $1,000 to $4,000, with the highest awards going to those with a GPA of 3.5 or above.

Passport Program - Global Opportunity
To encourage global travel and enrollment in study abroad programs, the Office of the President covers passport application fees for FAMU students who are seeking study abroad and international internship opportunities.

Research Grants

FAMU Pharmacy Program Receives Top Recognition for Innovative Medical Research
A funding report obtained from the American Association of Colleges of Pharmacy (AACP), which compares National Institutes of Health research funding in pharmacy schools across the country, names the FAMU College of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences the largest recipient of NIH research grants among all Florida pharmacy programs as well as the University of Georgia, Auburn and Samford.

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Monthly Reports

May/June 2016

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The President’s Monthly Report highlights activities that are underway or completed towards achieving the goals and objectives approved by the Board of Trustees. I am pleased to share this great news and these accomplishments towards moving FAMU Forward.

Recruit new faculty for program enrichment into high priority and strategic areas.
Performance Metric: Number of new faculty members in high priority area

Engage the Board of Trustees in formulating policy and regulations that affect efficiency, productivity, and financial support for faculty and students.
Performance Metric: Report to the Board on policies and regulations

Identify campus thought leaders to contribute to the regional and national dialogue about the value, access and affordability of education for first-generation and adult students.
Performance Metric: Number of distinct presentations

Engage in shared governance with the faculty to enhance the University’s performance under the Board of Governors’ Performance Funding Model.
Performance Metric: Number of meetings and other communications

In consultation with faculty and students, expand online courses to facilitate growth, retention, and graduation rates.
Performance Metric: Number of new course sections

Update the Master Plan to encompass revitalization of campus “Main Street” and surrounding Southside neighborhood.
Performance Metric: Comparison of old versus new - Updated Master plan

Support and maintain athletics programs and expand opportunities that contribute to a positive academic and competitive collegiate experience for student success within NCAA guidelines.
Performance Metrics: Reduction in number of teams not meeting academic performance rate and increased retention of athletes

Continue to develop living-learning communities to enhance the educational experience and the overall quality of student success with residence hall programming and expanded dining options.
Performance Metric: Number of students in living-learning communities

Develop and implement strategies to increase the number of degrees awarded in the BOG Areas of Strategic Emphasis, including STEM for undergraduate and graduate degrees.
Performance Metric: Number of degrees awarded in BOG Areas of Strategic Emphasis

Increase efforts to establish theme housing and collaborative study spaces that complement academic program priorities and group work. This will be accomplished by assigning students with similar interests to facilities that complement academic programs.
Performance Metric: Number of housing assignments by theme

Continue to expand the use of campus spaces by outside groups to expose the community to our students and to raise funds to supplement operating costs and facility maintenance.
Performance Metric: Count requests of the number of outside groups using campus space

12A: Continue efforts to restore University/campus pride.
Performance Metric: Report of activities
12B: Continue efforts to restore campus beautification.
Performance Metric: Report of activities to improve curb appeal

Expand public service and community engagement for staff, students, and faculty.
Performance Metric: Survey to evaluate

Improve the accuracy of job descriptions and assignments of responsibility for faculty and staff, and continue internal reorganization for efficiency and effectiveness.
Performance Metrics: Better customer service, reduction of complaints and grievances/number of updated position descriptions for staff

Provide professional development opportunities for employees to facilitate use of best practices and creativity in program delivery and design.
Performance Metric: Improved service delivery as measured by the number of professional development workshops offered on campus

Create and implement effective means of connecting FAMU to potential collaborators and appropriate funding opportunities.
Performance Metric: Department research and public engagement

Expand online courses to facilitate enrollment growth, retention, and graduation rates.
Performance Metric: Count number of online course sections

Automate manual processes where possible and align bandwidth with performance goals.
Performance Metric: Automated systems

Support and maintain athletics programs and expand opportunities that contribute to a positive academic and competitive collegiate experience for student success within NCAA rules.
Performance Metrics: NCAA rules as determined by number of teams not meeting academic performance rate and increased retention of athletes

Develop and begin implementing protocols and action plans to improve the University’s ranking by publications such as U.S. News & World Report and Princeton Review.
Performance Metric: Completion of the plan

Enhance risk management by completing annual risk assessments, thus allowing us to allocate resources to higher risk areas.
Performance Metric: Results of report

Eliminate excessive use of outside consultants and trades where we already have campus expertise.
Performance Metric: Number of outside consultants as determined by expenditures

Develop and roll out a strategic annual and major-gift fundraising campaign.
Performance Metric: Completed plan

Document existing financial conditions and provide a structure for reporting all funds and expenditures to stakeholders.
Performance Metric: Creation of new structure

Realign the direct support organizations more strategically to support University operations.
Performance Metric: Realignment of DSO organizational structure

Complete the transfer of land and develop a long-term strategy to generate income and increased research from the Brooksville property, which is being granted to the University by the federal government.
Performance Metric: Completion

Establish a comprehensive research strategy linked to areas of critical importance to the University.
Performance Metric: Plan by discipline (health sciences, hard sciences, STEM, sustainability and biotechnology)

Develop a comprehensive strategy to identify processes to promote “tech transfer” to move patents and innovations to the mainstream for the purpose of increasing revenues and finding solutions to social, medical, and technological problems.
Performance Metric: Plan

Continue to increase transfer and articulation agreements with high schools and community colleges.
Performance Metric: Number of new transfer and articulation agreements

Develop and begin implementing a multi-year plan to enhance research capability and funding across all platforms.
Performance Metric: Create a strategic research plan

Completely redesign the website to make it more student-centric and user- friendly across all platforms.
Performance Metric: The launch of the redesign

Promote the active participation of students, faculty, and staff in University energy-efficiency and other sustainability efforts.
Performance Metric: Programs documenting engagement

Improve efficiency and accuracy of data collection – regarding giving – to ensure accurate information is available so that a targeted and focused strategy of giving can be initiated.
Performance Metric: Accuracy of report

Implement the silent phase of a strategic capital campaign to provide an endowment for critical areas.
Performance Metric: Launch campaign

Upgrade equipment and staffing for FAMU TV-20 to enable enhanced programming for the University and Tallahassee.
Performance Metric: Pursue funding for equipment and staffing through legislative budget request

Continue the process of rebranding toward a best-in-class University by establishing metrics that underpin more-efficient operational results.
Performance Metric: Report on social media traffic

In conjunction with the Office of Communications and External Relations, redesign the University’s website to be more appealing, responsive, and student-centric.
Performance Metric: A redesigned website

Support fundraising and recruitment through increased use of analytics and behavior-based marketing techniques.
Performance Metric: Count

Expand and enhance relationship with Brazil through expansion of Nascimento Program.
Performance Metric: Approval of Nascimento program

Provide materials in print and online in Spanish, thus increasing our reach to the worldwide Spanish-speaking audience.
Performance Metric: Number of online and printed publications

Establish international and diverse alumni associations.
Performance Metric: Number of new associations

Increase the number of research, education, and extension activities between the University and local small farmers, African-American farmers, and other agricultural entrepreneurs.
Performance Metric: Report of activities

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